Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen or Playa as it is called by the locals has acquired international fame in the unprecedented short span of just ten years.

Playa del Carmen is a fascinating town that attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to see for themselves what it’s all about: to immerse themselves in its atmosphere, feeling the soft white sand underfoot, enjoying the bohemian nightlife on sandy shores and listening to waves break on the beach of Playa del Carmen as they sip a tropical drink. Young people all over the world identify it as the place to go to get to know other cultures and ways of life.

The Playa del Carmen hotels and resorts lures painters, musicians, dancers and poets looking for ways to leap the boundaries of the every day and enter a fantastic universe, where ideas flow like rivers and creativity springs inspired by nature.

The streets of Playa del Carmen are the favorite stage for anyone with a mission: folk dancers, concheros in pre-Hispanic costumes executing their mystic ritual dance, street performances, strolling minstrels who narrate local legends and artisans working at their craft to the fascination of passers-by.

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Playa del Carmen Mexico

All along its busy promenades lined with handcrafted stores a mere sampling of Mexican and International creativity and on the city’s famous Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue, meeting place of extravagant characters, visitors can taste the delicious local dishes at any of numerous sidewalks cafes, where a marimba, trio from Veracruz or heavy rock band entice diners inside. Playa del Carmen, once a sleepy fishing village, ensconced in the very heart of the Riviera Maya, Mexico is now one the fastest growing communities in the world. Playa del Carmen has a first-class hotel infrastructure and all the services of a cosmopolitan tourism destination.

On the horizon, the hazy outline of the legendary island of Cozumel beckons. Regularly scheduled ferries take visitors from Playa del Carmen to the Mexico’s largest island and world renowned diving site, where turquoise blue waters entice divers to discover the coral wonders hidden beneath the surface.

Playa del Carmen, magic, eclectic and yet steeped in tradition is the doorway to those who want to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of the Mayan World, explore the region, mingle with its people and discover the parks of the Riviera Maya. Today, the new alternative to traditional tourism is eco-adventure travel that offers everything from walks through exuberant jungles to millenary cenotes (sinkholes) and Mayan villages, cave diving in the underground river system to solitary lagoons, refuge of monkeys and other marvelous wildlife.

After an active day, there is nothing like a massage on the Playa del Carmen beach, an aromatic bath, therapies to sooth the spirit and mud treatments to eliminate toxins and relieve tensions. Although a fascinating kaleidoscope of color created by nature and rich cultural diversity by day, Playa del Carmen, corner of the Riviera Maya is renowned for its nightlife.

The streets, discotheques and bars are animated with live music of all genres: from ska, reggae and hip hop to blues Afro-Brazilian, techno and house. The energy of Playa del Carmen at night traps everyone in this non-stop party that no one escapes from ‘til dawn.

The success of Playa del Carmen is such that it is now the second most popular Mexican Caribbean destination after Cancun, located just 40 minutes away by car. Thus, no visit to these Mayan lands would be complete without a stop over in Playa del Carmen.


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