Xcaret Night Show
Xcaret Night Show

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Xcaret Night Show

None of the shows presented along the Cancun-Xcaret-Tulum compares to Xcaret at Night. The architecture and design of the stage, the artists, the costumes and the choreography transport the audience to Mexico's past. Based on its rich pre-Hispanic heritage, Xcaret at Night has managed to reproduce many of the ancient rituals, magnificently represented. The abundance of sound, color and artistic quality has brought international fame to his product.

Every corner greets the audience with a performance that will make your body pulsate to the rhythm of pre-Hispanic percussion, dance to the beat of indigenous sounds, and hum ancient melodies. Here, the sky is as crystal clear as the Caribbean, and every constellation this side of the heaven can be easily seen, even Orion preparing to launch his arrow into the heart of this ecological heaven.

The moon, in its entire splendor, helps make the trip to Mexico's past unforgettable.

Xcaret Night Show
Xcaret Night Show

Spectacular Show

Spectacular Show

Its light provides a silken canopy on this magical night and her mystical charm is captivating. On these clear starlit nights, the moon has its watchful eye on the evening's every motion. In the twilight, the palm trees swaying placidly in the breeze, the candle-lit walkways, and the galloping of the horses in the "Charro Show" welcome the visitors to a night of cultural and historical celebrations. The Aztec horses, ridden by local expert horsemen, execute a beautiful dance to the sounds of the Mariachi band. This is a perfect example of the Mexican tradition since "charros" have long been considered masters of the equestrian art.

Mexico is famous for its mariachis, as well as the unparalleled folkloric dances of different ethnic groups, each with its own language, music, dance, food and customs and the great friendliness and warmth of its people. After the "Charro show", presented in front of the stables, the visitors are led through a jungle path that leads to the Mayan Village where the shamans move to the rhythm of the drums in a dance dedicated to the fire God. No one has ever experienced anything quite like this and silence falls over the group.

The music of the Mayan ancestors is all around, vibrating in the night. Suddenly, the visitors are being guided through a series of caves. An owl, believed by the Mayas to predict death with its cry, welcomes the guests. The candles, the sole source of light and warmth in this underground world, light up the labyrinth of caverns. A deep penetrating masculine voice, praying in Mayan language to an ancient God, interrupts their train of thought fro a moment as they pass an altar.

Then, they are led toward an intense clamor of drums and the mystical echo of conch shells being blown. A stone platform in the middle of the river crossing the Mayan Village becomes a hypnotizing site. Performers execute a ritualistic dance to the God of fire as fragrant flower-laden canoes glide across the river.

The guests have the impression that they have really traveled back in time 500 years. On the way towards the Greek style auditorium, they pass a group of percussionists playing between the pyramids. Every step and platform of the ancient temples glow with candlelight, adding a mystical atmosphere to the night. Finally, they arrive at the auditorium, the last stop of the journey where the powerful voices of Hugo Huesca and Margarita Bauche fill the air. His internationally renowned couple has created a new genre of Mexican New Age music and they sing with such passion and spontaneity that their art goes right to the heart.

The famous National Folkloric Ballet of Aztlán closes the evening. The excellent choreography (the work of Sylvia Lozano), composition, music and costume deign are unmatched by any dance troupe in the nation. The traditional dances and colorful costumes transport visitors to the states of Michoacán, Veracruz, Guerrero and Jalisco. The tapping of the dancer's shoes becomes a sonorous musical instrument and the flow of the skirts an extravagant explosion of color.

And after it's all over, the guests leave the park and enamored by the evening's events. Still enthralled with the rituals, dances, music, and colors, they return to the lights of Cancun, not quite sure if Xcaret is fact or fantasy or if it all ready did happen the way they remember.

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