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Xcaret Park

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Xcaret Park

The Xcaret we know today was restored eight years ago in an attempt to give visitors a glimpse of the wealth of natural wonders on the Yucatan Peninsula. Even though the modern high-rise hotels and shopping mails of Cancun are just 45 minutes away, the verdant jungle, beach, wildlife and spectacular nights of Xcaret literally transport us to another world where nature and culture blend into a tropical fantasy.

It is extremely difficult to define the true essence of Xcaret in a nutshell. The "call of the wild" sounds different to each individual, and in this tropical Eden, there is always something to see and do for everyone. However, there is a common thread the bonds all of us who come into contact with this earthly paradise of the Mexican Caribbean: our love for nature and our desire to preserve it for future generations.

Xcaret is living proof that ecology and technology can co-exist.

Xcaret is an eco-archaeological park with many different areas, each one especially designed with a specific goal while respecting the natural environment. .


Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park

Attractions include: an underground river with clear tranquil waters that flow through a tunnel and various cenotes; a natural cove, guarded by thousands of tropical fish that can be admired easily in the shallow water; the beach, where the waves are tamed by a jetty to gently caress bathers; the aquarium which is practically a slice of the Caribbean ecosystem and includes almost all species of tropical fish, plants, coral, and other marine flora and fauna; the wildlife refuge, reproduction center and home to local species of birds and mammals facing extinction; diving, under the supervision of professional instructors who use boats to take visitors to the Caribbean reefs near the port of Xcaret; the botanical garden where plants and trees unlike those in the rest of the park are labeled with plaques describing their characteristics; an orchid and mushroom nursery, where trained researchers have managed to cultivated four varieties of edible mushrooms (880lbs. are harvested per month), along with thousands of orchids; the butterfly pavilion, a high, mesh-enclosed area of breeding where butterflies and music are the main attraction; the museum, with models of the cities of the Mayan World as they were log before the arrival of the conquistadors; and finally, the dolphins; the Mayan ceremonial center and the theater, the stage of spectacular shows.


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