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Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park at Mexico , has great number of activities and places to discover have made it world famous. In order to take full advantage of all there is to offer, it is important to arrive early. From the beginning to the end, a journey through the park is full of surprises and fun.

At the entrance, a reproduction of the majestic Arch of Labna and the Museum, with diverse scaled models of the Mayan Worldís ancient cities, present the grandeur of this pre-Hispanic civilization.

The Butterfly Pavilion, one of the largest in the world, encloses a celestial garden with exotic plants, aromatic flowers and a crystalline waterfall which embrases the colorful flight of hundreds of regional butterflies.

The Wild Bird Breeding Aviary contains 44 species of tropical birds, the majority in danger of extinction. Elegant pink flamingoes, colorful macaws, Yucatecan parrots and rare toucans live here.

The crystalline and fresh waters of the Underground River flow within sub-aquatic landscapes of mysterious beauty.


Xcaret Cancun Mexico Theme Park

Xcaret Cancun Mexico Theme Park

They are tunnels and caverns occasionally illuminated by rays of sunlight that enter through natural breathing holes in the vaulted limestone ceiling and cut across the fascinating array of cerulean hues.

Floating along the Mayan River one passes the grandiose Stained-Glass Plaza and the Mayan Village, which represents an authentic local pueblo. Both rivers empty into the sea, near the bay, where there are beach chairs for relaxing and inner tubes to enjoy the waves.

Many wonderful experiences await while observing Xcaretís animals in their natural habitat. Jaguars and pumas stretch freely on two ample islands shaded beneath leafy trees, deer feed their young at the riverís edge, two manatee eat colossal quantities of vegetables and fruits while moving placidly through the lagoon, dolphins play in the sea and make synchronized jumps, Kempís Ridley turtles swim peacefully, large impassive crocodiles lie under the sun and, in a cave at the edge of the lagoon, a few bats hang upside down sleeping.  Even a daring spider monkey nears those who wander curiously around!

On the Tropical Forest Trail, or Botanical Garden, completely submerged within the exuberant emerald vegetation, one can close their eyes for a moment, take a deep breath of the humid and perfumed air and suddenly feel freshly awakened and part of this wonderful, pulsating planet. Afterward, a birdís song invites one to continue the journey between the crawling plants, centenary trees, svelte palm trees, bushes, ferns, mushrooms, orchids and endless number of species. A troupe of howling monkeys take visitors by surprise when they cross the trail hanging from the branches.

Fantastic species of orchids are exhibited in the Orchid Farm. Nearby, the Mushroom Farm grows edible mushrooms while the Apiary cultivates the Mayan bee that lives in rustic beehives. During the ecological tour you can sample their delicious honey! At the stables, the tour on horseback exploring the leafy tropical jungle is one of the optional activities that is definitely worth trying.

The vestiges of a 16th-century Spanish chapel and an ancient Mayan temple erected above a promontory facing the sea just one of many found in the park are valuable historic testimonies. In pre-Hispanic times, Xcaret was a walled maritime port, bustling with commercial, political and religious activities. Navigators carried out their processions and transported all kinds of merchandise using large canoes.

With so many fun activities, time flies in Xcaret which helps work up an appetite for a hearty lunch. The park has five restaurants with Mexican and Caribbeanspecialties. One of them, La Cocina, beside the stables in the Rincon Mexicano (Mexican Corner), serves traditional northern-Mexican cuisine. From there, enjoy an incredible Mexican equestrian show.

Since the evening spectacle entitled Xcaret Spectacular Night which displays the best of Mexican culture begins at sunset, it leaves plenty of time to continue exploring the park and to digest your food!

Near the coast, a long path that leads down to the Coral Reef Aquarium creates the sensation of diving directly to the depths of the reef. Informative signs indicate that it is formed by strange little animals called polyps that build one of natureís largest structures housing thousands of organisms. Through interactive activities one may learn about the immense biodiversity of this grand underwater city. The Aquarium, like many of the parkís areas, carries out successful endangered species programs.

In July 2003 it debuted its newly remodeled look, making it a more unique experience! The sun sets and the deep sound of pre-Hispanic drums can be heard in the distance, accompanied by ocarinas, bells and conch shells which herald the evening spectacle.

Cross the Valley of the Aromas to arrive at the Grand Tlachco, the giant theater that, like the rest of the parkís buildings, blends subtly into the heavenly natural surroundings.  Enveloped in the smoke of burning incense, priests and Mayan warriors invite visitors on a journey through the distinct chapters of the nationís history: fabulous dances, songs and reenactments of Mexicoís cultural climate going as far back as the pre-Hispanic era.

Xcaret Park is truly unique in placing such a great emphasis in preserving and transmitting Mexicoís natural and cultural legacy, while at the same time incorporating visitors in this marvelous endeavor. Itís difficult to experience anything quite like this. Thank you Xcaret for extending this invitation to the entire world to celebrate life with so much passion.


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